The Brewery Stand

In order to be able to use a brewery efficiently, I had to have some sort of stand for everything to sit on, mount to or whatever. This is what I went though and how I did it.

General design and assumptions

Original Design

Parts list

Weld instructions

Burner- Mash tun

Burner- Boil Kettle

Problems and revisions

Making the stand Portable

Final Draft of Design

The final design of the stand looked like this:  
In the new design, I removed a lot of superfluous tubing that would have lengthen the welding time and the materials required. The frame is still very stable and able to support much more than the weight of the brewery vessels.

For the types of welds, I welded all tubing completely so that it would be as sturdy as possible. I covered the last level of the brewery with 16 gauge stainless which I riveted down to the tubing. This way I could change it if necessary.

Cad representation of stand.  
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