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After developing a working frame for the brewery, it was time to figure out how I wan going to control it. Optimally, I anted to centralize the control for the propane and electrical elements and at the same time keep the "foot print" of the brewery small.

I figured the best way to start was to look at what the controls consisted of. I started with the propane stuff since I knew less about it and could always adapt the other control to work with them. I quick stroll to my neighborhood propane dealer (no his names’ not Hank) with check book in hand an I soon had everything I needed to plumb propane.

This is what it consisted of:

2 propane regulators 0-100psi.
3 brass valves.
4 L’s
8 nipples
2 T’s
1 cross
4 propane compression fittings
4 pieces of rubber propane lines cut to fit
2 pressure gauges

After placing all the goodies on the kitchen table, I tried assembling the piping so that it would all fit. The final design that made sense to me was:

For placement into the frame, I made up a bracket of square tubing that I welded onto the frame. The brass tubing contraption (above) was fastened to the bracket by the use of U brackets.



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