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State of the Beer


Charlie Webster


For those of you who missed the great event, the club brew at the brew in was truly a great success with almost 10 gallons of Classic American Pilsner of O.G. 1.052 going into the primary fermenters. Due to space
considerations, one fermenter (containing ~5.5 gal) went into the small beer fridge to ferment at a comfortable 55F. The other fermenter (containing about 4 gal) went into the hops cooler at a rather cool 42F.

Bob Wilcox checked the beer on Wed following the brewing and pronounced all to be well.

I visited the shop last Saturday and found that the fermenter at 55F had finished (FG 1.015) and racked the beer to a (5 gal) secondary fermenter, which I left at 55F. Opinions are solicited as to the appropriate length of secondary time, and any required/desired temp changes during that time. The other fermenter (in the cooler cooler) hadn'd finished yet, still showing signs of active kreusen.

I'll visit the shop this Saturday and, if it's ready, rack the second fermenter to a secondary. I think they'll both fit in the small (warmer) cooler for secondary fermentation, diactyl reduction, and later, lagering.

Opinions are sought regarding whether we should lager in stainless (kegs) or glass (carboys).

This state of the beer report was brought to you by a generous glass of Sierra Nevada Porter.

Charles Webster

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity!

Updated: May 28, 1999.