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Club Jockey Box Design Discussion

Letter emailed to active club memebers

From: "Thor" <thor@valhallabrewing.com>
Organization: valhallabrewing.com
To: Members.of.Draught.Board
Date sent: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 11:40:43 +0000
Subject: Jockey Box technical round table
Send reply to: thor@dnai.com
Priority: normal


The Draught Board is about to begin a new project and is looking to
its membership for design input. The cludis going to build a jockey
box, designed to serve homebrews at the appropriate temperature even
though the source may not be at the right temperature. To start
things off, I have started a discussion group on the website to
discuss some of the preliminaries such as :

Design wishes:
What would we optimally want out of a jockey box design? How many
taps? How much Ice? What kind of materials? What look?

How can we meet our design goals? What are the limitations of the
material used for design?

To join the discussion point your web browsers to:


Then click on the top topic called
Jockey Box Techinical Discussion




Updated: February 18, 1999.