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December 1995, Volume 18, Issue 12

Gift Exchange

by Kim Graham

Once again the Draught Board will rip it all open at our annual Christmas party Chinese Gift Exchange.

This year we voted to have a $10 limit on the price of the beer-related gift. This will enable the lucky recipient to take home beer, glasses, T-shirt, books, etc., but there’s a fun twist to the exchange. You may or may not go home with the gift you opened. The exchange works like this: each participant draws a number. The person who draws #1 opens a gift (all gifts must come wrapped.) The person with #2 can take #1's gift or open a new one. If #2 "steals" #1's gift, #1 opens another gift. This proceeds until all the gifts are unwrapped.

All the gifts must be visible upon opening. As you will see, some gifts are very popular and can't be secretly "hidden" - unless you're Harry.

After all the gifts are opened, a non-participant will arbitrarily set a time limit unbeknownst to anyone - now the fun and the lightning round begin. You proceed again with #1 starting until the clock runs out. Then everyone keeps the gift they have or they can be traded afterwards. Couples may bring 1 or 2 gifts.

Good luck, you'll need it.


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