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Who's Thor


December 1995, Volume 18, Issue 12

Elections & Barleywines

There were two main events at November’s meeting: election of officers and the awesome taste testing of the high-gravity winter warmers.

Newly elected Officers for a 2-year term are:

President: Charlie Webster

Vice President: Roger St. Denis

Treasurer: Bruce Brazil (re-elected)

Secretary/Editor: Ken Koupal (officially elected from a temporary position)

Harry Graham retired as President and Paul Marshall retired as Vice President. Bryan Gros had stepped down as Secretary/Editor in July due to an out-of-state career move. Thank you to all the Officers for two years of club leadership!

Tom Altenbach presented a series of three barleywines and three wheatwines, brewage dated from 1992 through 1995. The 1992 barleywine was extremely tasty. Harry brought two barleywines (#100, and #150), which were vintage 1992 and 1994, and a wheatwine from 1994 as well. Tom, Harry, Bob, and Bryan & Lisa entered their barleywines in the Stern Grove competition. It was fun to taste the difference age can make to these Winter Warmers. Time rounds out the character of the high-gravity brews.

A supplemental planning meeting was called by Charlie on November 19th to review the 1996 activity plan. A schedule of events was "draughted" at Buffalo Bill’s in Hayward. This schedule will be presented as soon as the details are finalized (in December, ready for action in January).

Next Meeting: As a reminder, the December event is the Holiday party, and was moved back from our usual Saturday gathering to Sunday, December 10th. Inside this newsletter is a map to Wendell’s in Danville, and the menu (with club members’ specialty brews to complement the meal).

Bob Jones will bring a CO2 tank with gas connects for both pinlock and ball-lock kegs, so no one needs to bring gas. Beers should arrive cold.

Also, the gift exchange is part of our holiday celebration, and for those new to the tradition, Kim tells us all about it in her article.


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